The education sector has undergone significant transformation in the past couple of years. The advent of fresh technologies, challenges and teaching methods have changed the entire face of the education sector for the better. Given such a scenario, it has become important for school authorities and owners to renovate their school buildings and construct modern, technologically advanced and unique school buildings and premises.

At GCI, we have the requisite expertise, skills, manpower, knowledge and determination for delivering excellent school construction project. We have handled innumerable school projects and offer a gamut of services including designing & building, general contracting and school construction management among others.

Our Commitment

Being a highly reputed school construction company, we focus on the architectural designs & construction of the school building. Additionally, we also perform a survey to determine the interior designing, assessment as well as restoration requirements of the school. As one of India’s leading school construction companies, we’ve are renowned for our best practices, unique services and timely delivery services. We believe in offering high-quality work within the desired budget and as per schedule. Our experience, commitment and knowledge is unmatched. Our customers value us for our integrity and teamwork capabilities.

Why Us?

GCI is a name synonymous with excellence. Being a foremost education building construction company, we have successfully undertaken and executed numerous school projects including subcontracting, general contracting, architectural design work, interior designing and construction management. Our team of experienced and skilled engineers pays close attention to the requirements of the clients and the project and design beautiful and all encompassing school buildings & campuses. Right from the pre-construction phase to the final stages,GCI is capable of handling all types of school projects and work.

Here’s why our clients trust us and our abilities:

  • Our engineering team offers world-class and unique facilities.
  • We offer value and excellence to our clients.
  • We offer remarkable interior designing services and managed each and every aspect of the project.
  • GCI also offers, land and property surveys to ensure that all the regulations have been met before embarking on any project.
  • Our school construction rates are highly competitive and designed to complement our client’s budget.
  • We also offer green school construction & building services.
  • We co-ordinate with our clients right from the beginning to the end of the project.

We are here to make a huge difference in our client’s life and ensure that students enjoy world-class facilities.Our team won’t budge until we’ve offered the best of the services and constructed dynamic, modern and technologically efficient school buildings and campuses. We believe in establishing long-term partnership with our clients by fostering ideas and innovation and embracing new technologies.

When you choose GCI, you get to access best of the building & construction services, 100% support and satisfaction and efficient school infrastructure. We are completely proud of our work and projects and always encourage our clients to find out more about us before partnering with us.