Selling a house and moving are not just about packing everything in cardboard boxes and loading them into a truck. It is also ensuring that you present your home under its best light in order to obtain the best possible selling price.

Update your home/office/factory with the help of RKTPL’s Gomtipuraminfratech Division – your specialists for long-lasting commercial renovations in India. We provide full interior design and space planning to meet all of your home/office/factory requirements. We can perform a wide variety of construction services from a simple door installation or painting service to a complete gutting and redesign of your existing workspace. Full plumbing, sprinkler work, and washroom accessories are also part of our renovating services. You can add greater value to your office with a few simple renovations. Upgrade your electrical system for energy efficiency or create a new floor plan to better utilize space.

Our main contracting services include, but are not limited to : Electrical, Plumbing, Flooring, Drywall, Mechanical, Partitions, Carpentry, Ceilings, interior new look, new design and renovation


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Interior Design & Space Planning Get the most out of your available space when you take advantage of the interior design and space planning services offered by RKTPL’s Gomtipuraminfratech Division. We work with an interior designer to offer this service to our customers.

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RKTPL’s Gomtipuraminfratech Division for quality workmanship that lasts! We are your trusted specialists for quality commercial renovations in India.

We offer 4 types of renovations to consider before you sell your property or shift into a new property:

1. Improve the Exterior

It is said that the first impression is the most important. For a home, this first impression occurs when a potential buyer arrives in front of it. Is the lawn well cut and full? Is your entry inviting? Are your flowers or shrubs attractive? Maybe it’s time to change your front door or redo the steps leading up to it? Is you patio in need of a little refresh?

However, keep in mind that most people will be discouraged by landscaping that requires a lot of maintenance. Opt for simplicity and easy maintenance.

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2. Add a Coat of Fresh Paint

Now that you have made a positive first impression, make sure it continues indoors. All interior designers will tell you that painting a room is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to refresh its look. If your walls have not been painted in a few years, or if the furniture, your children, or your pets have left marks on them, a new coat of paint is probably a great idea. Choose a neutral color that will appeal to most potential buyers. Also consider the outside of the house for your painting project. A freshly painted kitchen will not make up for a patio with peeling paint. Whether indoors or outdoors, make sure the work looks professional. Drips of paint or a contouring job less than perfect can ruin the effect you are trying to achieve. In fact, for most people, it’s a good idea to hire a professional.

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3. Create Storage

No matter the size of your family, you probably have a ton of things to put away: toys, sports equipment, Christmas decorations, boots, and coats in the winter. Where have you always wanted more built-in storage? Where can you add more? Adding storage can be as simple as putting a few well-thought shelves in the garage or bathroom or even creating some storage under the stairs.

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4. Renovate an Entire Room

The renovation of the kitchen or a bathroom can justify a considerable increase in the selling price of your home. These two pieces often play an important role in a buyer final decision. While it can be a significant investment, it is also possible to do it without breaking the bank. We are not saying here to redo the kitchen in its entirety, but to wisely choose the improvements that can be made. Modernizing the faucets, replacing a refrigerator or dishwasher, changing a few handles, redoing the floor or repainting the cabinets can help revamp a slightly aged kitchen. All in all, no matter what renovations you choose to do, keep in mind that these are not for you, but for the buyer. Simple, tasteful and neutral renovations are the best option.

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