Mr. Ramakant Pandey
Mr. Ramakant Pandey is a former Executive Engineer (1973 batch), who is retired for  a government organization. Mr. Sinha’s vision to lead an organization in the Business-to-Government consultancy domain led to him founding RKTPL in 2010.

As head of Project Operations at RKTPL INFRA DIVISION, Mr. Ramakant has made exceptional contributions to RKTPL’s growth and success. Mr.Ramakant’s strong Project Management skills, his vast array of experience and exposure as a civil servant, and his strong networks, both within the Government and the Industry have contributed significantly to the firm’s growth story and its long term sustainability.

Ms. Kanyakumari Pandey
Ms. Kanyakumari is a dynamic entrepreneur working in the Business-to-Government space who has created a niche for herself and her organization, RKTPL. The firm today represents her vision, stands for her values and is a realization of her efforts and hardwork.

After 10 years of management level experience in multiple organizations and industries, Ms. Kanyakumari sought to employ her management and leadership skills to conceive and develop RKTPL in 2010.

Ms. Kanyakumari is a pioneer in consolidating Infrastructure Consulting, Regional Planning and EPC Contracting under an umbrella organization, RKTPL, specializing in quality research, precision reports and schedule commitments. It is her passion to lead an organization rooted in societal values and business ethics that is responsible for the giving RKTPL a foundation in quality standards.

Mr. Hari Shankar
Mr Hari Shankar is a technocrat and has worked at senior management profiles in Fortune 500 brands like Panasonic and Samsung. He is the founding member, Director on board & CEO at RKTPL.

Mr Hari Shankar heads the business development vertical. Under his dynamic leadership the company has recorded exponential growth.