The term ‘Industrial Architecture’ is very generous. Architecture is the process of planning, designing and constructing buildings. The analyzing and guidance widely develop the importance of design integration and system services. Architecture is related to engineering in that performance is the crucial factor.

Nowadays, buildings come into industrial innovation and some of the structures are developed into modern architectures. Industrial architecture is gently and regularly expanded.

We believe that an industrial architect should first understand a production process in great detail, and then design the building to suit this process.  The building is only an envelope that enables the smooth functioning of the industrial process.

RKTPL’s Gomtipuraminfratech Division is experienced in Master Planning of Industrial Complexes.

For every industrial building, RKTPL’s Gomtipuraminfratech Division will study the following in detail:

  • Raw Materials: how they are brought in, unloaded, and stored
  • Production Process: as industrial building designers we study the production process in great detail
  • Circulation Efficiency: if 250 people are made to walk an extra 1 minute to the toilet, that is a loss of over 15,000 man-hours per year! Therefore an industrial architect should take great pains to ensure the efficiency of an industrial building design.  Similarly, the path of movement of materials should also be optimized.

  • Finished Goods Storage: a well-designed finished goods warehouse with proper storage heights and access ways is essential to the functioning of a manufacturing plant
  • Packing and Loading: are also vital areas that should be designed carefully.  The industrial architect should plan a layout with the correct movement corridors and turning spaces, especially if forklifts are used.

  • Utilities: are the backbone of your plant.  Do you need captive power, backup power, and emergency power?  How about compressed air, vacuum, or gas supply systems? Firefighting systems are a key requirement for safety. GCI Architects works with the best building services engineers in the industry to specify high-quality, low-maintenance equipment and also to design buildings that house these securely and allow easy maintenance.
  • Sustainability: GCI has for years been designing buildings that make full use of natural lighting.  These days, the science of sustainable design has grown by leaps and bounds and we have kept pace.


RKTPL’s Gomtipuraminfratech Division is providing one step solution for various Comprehensive Architectural services such as:


Master Planning


Feasibility study

Facilities Planning

Detailed Engineering Design

Conceptual design studies


Site selection studies and evaluation

Project feasibility analysis

Land use and zoning analysis

Design guidelines

Facility layout planning


Sustainable land planning

Rainwater water harvesting / Storm water planning

Sustainable Material options

Indoor/ outdoor lighting solutions

Energy Optimization

Pre-Engineered Building Design Solutions for Your Industry

RKTPL’s Gomtipuraminfratech Division pre-engineered metal buildings are custom-designed and optimized in order to meet customer’s needs and exact requirements. Our pre-Engineered Steel Buildings are designed to provide maximum space utilization with highest safety standards and excellent strength. These buildings are malleable enough to suit different building dimensions which are easily expandable have maintenance free exteriors and can withstand harsh climatic conditions. Our pre-engineered buildings are suitable for commercial and industrial sector which includes factories,warehouses, workshops, aircraft hangars, cold storages, stadiums, supermarkets or any other high-rise buildings.

All primary and secondary framing Linear panels
All fixings Crane beams and rails
Choice of 3 wall systems Choice of 2 roof systems
Thermal or Acoustic insulation All sealant for weather-proofing
Integrated accessories Flashings
All connections Mezzanine floors

Specialized Structural Steel Fabrication

RKTPL’s Gomtipuraminfratech Division design and supplies customized workshop fabricated hot rolled and welded structures, for use in Power Plants, Metro and Rapid rail, stadiums, oil and gas sector, Petrochemical Industry, Commercial and Residential high rise Buildings, Airport terminal Buildings, Ports and various other specialized structures.

Our innovative, flexible and cost effective processes allow a great degree of expression and creativity for architects of designers without neglecting functional demands.

Modern applications of steel have seen it take a prominent place in the aesthetic and structural makeup of a building.

RKTPL’s Gomtipuraminfratech Division favors Workshop Fabrication of structural steel which definitely has many advantages in comparison to the traditional method of on-site Fabrication.

Workshops made steel structures are more efficient in terms of quality, uniformity of finish, minimal wastage and meeting timelines thereby reducing cost, production time and labour cost. Large infrastructure of industry projects are time bound and with a shift to workshop fabrication they are being executed much faster resulting in cost savings.

Metal Roofing and Cladding 

RKTPL’s Gomtipuraminfratech Division profiles are accessible in both ribbed and flat panels in a series of finishes for attractive roofing and cladding for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Roofing Sheets products have many attributes that make them suitable for diverse use in construction industry. Roofing Sheets provide excellent resistance to corrosion and hence has become the most preferred material for a wide range of construction uses, particularly roofing and cladding systems.

These Profile sheets are being manufactured with utmost prominence, following stringent quality measures.


• High Rise Buildings
• Multiplexes / Commercial Establishments
• Ware Houses/Auditoriums
• Out Door & Indoor Stadiums
• Power & Cement Plants


• Available in a wide range of thickness and lengths
• Consistent quality with strong commitment to on-time delivery.
• Dedicated Forming Mill exclusively for Roofing Sheets
• Accessories like- Flashings, Ridges, Crimp Curves also supplied along with Roofing/Cladding Sheets
• Available in attractive colors
• Polycarbonate Sheets of matching Profile is also supplied along with Accessories

Hi Rib Sheets

RKTPL’s Gomtipuraminfratech Division Hi-Rib profile is developed to provide scientific solution for roof & side walls of industrial as well as commercial buildings. RKTPL’s Gomtipuraminfratech Division Hi-Rib is provided with a precisely engineered wide Rib & flute design to ensure wide spanning & quick recovery after being subjected to excessive loads.

RKTPL’s Gomtipuraminfratech Division Hi-Rib consists of structurally-engineered profiled panels that are available in single length and are fixed by means of self-drilling fasteners. All the ribs are clipped on and are interlocked. No penetration is done for its fixation to the roof or wall framing. The side lap is totally weatherproof. Any moisture drawn in by capillary action is trapped and dispersed by normal run-off.


RKTPL’s Gomtipuraminfratech Division Klippon is a concealed fixed snap-on seam roof/wall covering system that consists of structurally strong high-ribbed panels with wide-fluted pans for efficient water shedding and are fixed by means of concealed clips. All the ribs are clipped on and interlocked.

No penetration is done for its fixation to the roof or wall framing. The clip-on side lap makes the Klippon profile completely water-tight. The side lap is totally weatherproof. Any moisture drawn in by capillary action is trapped and dispersed by normal run-off.

Cold Formed Steel Section

Cold formed steel has a significant market share due to its advantages over other construction material provided by various organization.

Advantages of Purlins

  • Saving upto 40-50% weight of the structural steel and 25-30% in cost when compared to hot rolled sections.
  • Saving upto 35-40% in weight and 20% in cost when compared to hot rolled purlins.
  • Purlin erection is easier than others.
  • The purlins are supplied in required lengths with pre-punched holes. Hence, reduction in constrained time and cost in fabrication & erection and no wastage.
  • Truss spacing can be increased, hence less number of trusses columns and foundation work resulting in further economy.
  • Close tolerances on sectional dimensions due to process of cold roll forming.
  • Low transportation cost due to reduced weight
  • High versatility, durability and uniform quality


230 1.75 6.623 503.11 44.36 7.37 66 64
230 2.00 7.53 568.91 48.79 8.27 66 64
230 2.30 8.60 645.89 55.39 9.28 66 64

C Section Purlins


200 2.00 491.7 49.17 41.45 7.86 73.37 12.12 3.07
200 2.50 610.6 61.06 53.71 8.91 91.76 15.19 3.07


Grade of steel = 345 Mpa

PUF Panels

RKTPL’s Gomtipuraminfratech Division has evolved an ultimate product in the domain of PUF sandwich, insulated panels and PUF slab and offers wide range of Polyurethane Foam panel with fascia such as both side Pre-painted Galvanized iron sheet (PPGI/PPGL) for various applications such as Cold storage, Pre-fabricated Labour accommodation, Pre-fabricated health centres, pre-fabricated schools, partition walls, roofing & wall cladding etc. RKTPL’s Gomtipuraminfratech Division deals in both PUF wall & PUF roof panel. These panels shall be interlocked together by CAM locking system along with tongue & groove system.

Features of PUF Panels

  • PUF Panels are modular in nature and pre-engineered with simplified construction
  • Constructed with wall of different height, yet strong and sturdy construction
  • These panels are light weight which makes them easy to lift and erect at any height inside the plant
  • Our panels are internationally acceptable material for building insulation

Advantages of PUF Panels

  • It reduces the operational cost. Lower the refrigeration load, lower the electricity cost.
  • It is easy to erect or dismantle the panels
  • Flexible in design while choosing various options on panels and colors.
  • These panels have long lasting value with controlled accuracy, quality and speed on construction.

Composite Steel Floor Decking 

Steel Deck available in variety of finishes and can be used widely in applications required for roofing, flooring, ceiling and cladding solutions. Roof deck is most popular because of its strength and lightweight which are economical and easy to install.


Composite Steel Floor Decking also acts as the positive bending reinforcement for the structural concrete. This interlock between the concrete and the floor deck is brought through a system of embossment and ribs which are built into the deck creating a reinforcement concrete slab. When the floor decking is suitably fastened, the steel decking also acts as a working platform for the various trades.
We are reputed for the range of Decking Sheets – 44mm depth; 52mm depth & 75mm depth are 3 Types of Decking Sheets we manufacture and supply.


  • High Rise Buildings
  • Multiplexes / Commercial Buildings
  • Power Plant Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Mezzanine Floors in Industrial Buildings & Warehouses
  • Steel floor deck for mezzanine floors


  • Available in a wide range of thickness and lengths (Length up to 15 meters and Thickness from 0.63mm to 1.6mm)
  • A wide range of profile designs – 44/130 – 956mm width; 52/324 – 976mm width; 75/300 – 906mm width to choose from, which are appropriate for suggested design    of Building.
  • No separate formwork required for slab casting.
  • Reduces construction time.