RK Telesystem Private Limited ( RKTPL) company incorporated under the companies Act, 1956, with an aim to participate in infrastructure growth and development of the nation through collaborative approach towards project management by promoting creativity and new and green ideas. With this initiative RKTPL formed RKTPL’s Gomtipuram Infratech Division which  is one of the front ending Indian infrastructure construction, development and management contractor in the country, with wide experience and proven expertise in the execution of major infrastructure projects, including highways, bridges, flyovers, power transmission lines, airport runways, industrial area development and other infrastructure activities with an established track record of successful execution of projects across sectors and geographies.

We use collaborative approach towards consultancy solution and promote creativity & innovative and green ideas. RKTPL’s Gomtipuram Infratech Division has extensively worked on projects under nationalized schemes related to Urban Development, Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation such as Housing for All, NULM, AMRUT, IHSDP, RAY, BSUP, JnNURM, UIDSSMT, MGNREGA, IAY. The firm specializes in the preparation of Master Plans, Zonal Development Plans, Street Vending Plans, Village Development Plans, Municipal reform projects, DPRs for development of rental and relocation housing schemes and in-situ redevelopment of slums, Infrastructure planning, supply of hardware and supply of educational and health kits.

Since its incorporation in the year 2010, the firm has been providing services to clients to plan, develop, design, construct and deliver critical Infrastructure projects across various sectors– Urban, Rural and Regional Planning & Development, Environmental Sustainability, Transportation Management, Infrastructure planning (water supply, sewerage and drainage), project planning & management, municipal reforms, IT solutions, education and health sectors

RKTPL’s Gomtipuram Infratech Division corporate headquarters is in New Delhi. The regional offices are across the country.

Our Strengths
Strong Willpower

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Award Winning Company

Our company is an award-winning company wherein we cater to the needs of our customers thereby giving them value based products and services.

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When it comes to working, our focus is on Quality work not on Quantity. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you perform, you have to constantly work on your productivity so that you can accomplish better work with much greater value.

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Our contented clients are our Strength and backbone. We always make sure their satisfaction in terms of quality services.